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Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is a highly specialized type of construction encompassing the building of:

  • Warehouses
  • Terminals
  • Factories

Basically, if the structure required is big and needed for largescale production or work, it falls under the purview of industrial construction. Such structures are usually initiated by business or government. Industrial construction also includes the upkeep and maintenance of these “industrial-sized” structures. In fact, some construction companies specialize exclusively in industrial construction maintenance, while others focus on industrial construction “installation.”

Industrial construction requires particular skillsets and training. Everyone involved in a project should have expertise in this this area. Summit Building & Design, is a “design/build” firm. This means we have the expertise and specialized personnel required to complete all aspects of industrial construction: Design, installation, and maintenance.

Our most recent industrial construction project was the UETA Duty Free Warehouse in Laredo, Texas. If your organization has an industrial construction project to complete, Summit offers complete turnkey solutions. We have the on-staff architects, engineers, safety specialists, designers, estimators, and other specialists needed to manage a project from inception to final inspection. We’ll transform your industrial-sized vision into a real-world structure of style and function. And we promise to get the work done on time and on budget.


Institutional Construction

Institutional construction is focused on public works and government projects, along with projects related to Healthcare, Education, and Recreation. At Summit Building & Design, we specialize in the following types of intuitional construction:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Fire Stations
  • City Parks
  • Courthouses
  • City Halls

In contrast to industrial construction, institutional requires a broader skill set and broader expertise in general construction. It’s not uncommon for institutional construction companies to specialize in only one of the three main aspects of institutional construction:

  • Design
  • Building
  • Maintenance

At Summit Building & Design, we incorporate all three aspects of institutional construction into our in-house process. From start to finish, our team of architects, engineers, safety specialists, designers, estimators, and administrators know how to plan, launch, and coordinate every element of each project throughout its duration.

Summit’s list of institutional construction projects includes the:

  • La Salle County Fire Station, Encinal, TX
  • Dimmit County – Fire Station, Carrizo Springs, TX
  • La Salle County – Fire Company #1, Cotulla, TX
  • La Salle County – Martinez Park Improvements, Cotulla, TX
  • La Salle County – Martinez Park Pool & Pavilion, Cotulla, TX
  • Dimmit County Courthouse Annex Building, Carrizo Springs, TX
  • Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Mission Parish, Laredo, TX
  • Mary Help School Improvements Phase II, Laredo, TX
  • City of Encinal New City Hall, Encinal, TX
  • Mary Help School Improvements, Laredo, TX
  • Harmony School of Innovation, Laredo, TX
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall remodel & Addition, Laredo, TX

With our turnkey solutions, Summit clients needn’t worry over hiring separate specialists for different facets of an institutional project. Our design/build expertise makes it easier to coordinate all project elements and to get the various parties working in concert more quickly, saving time and resources.

If you need an institutional building for your organization, we’d be glad to meet with you and discuss your project. We can turn your ideas for intuitional construction into a practical, functional building that will serve your organization for years to come.

Sustainable Construction

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is focused on for-profit enterprises—shopping centers, office buildings, small businesses, strip malls, convenience stores, and others.

More than any other kind of construction, commercial is fueled and driven by business. The strength and health of the commercial construction sector is largely dependent on current economics. Is the economy growing, stagnant, or in recession? Are businesses expanding, downsizing, or just not hiring? How are the monthly jobs numbers looking? Is unemployment rising, decreasing, or remaining unchanged?

The answer to these questions largely determines the strength and health of the commercial sector. Commercial construction is also affected—though to a lesser degree—by population swings and shifts, and ebbs and flows.

The process of building a commercial structure requires the consideration of unique factors that aren’t as relevant or at all relevant in other construction projects. For example, what color schemes, geometric shapes and patterns, flooring materials, lighting sources, and ceilings styles are most likely to maximize a particular business’s profits? What’s the best usage of the available land for the structure to enable sufficient parking for the business’s customers? Should the structure be one, two, or three stories—maybe more? All these considerations and others play into the commercial process.

Summit Building & Design specializes in several types of commercial constructions:

  • Banks
  • Truck stops
  • Convenience stores
  • Car Washes
  • Fitness clubs and studios
  • Country clubs

As with our industrial and institutional construction services, Summit provides complete turnkey solutions for our commercial clients. With Summit, there’s no need to worry about contracting separate architects, engineers, safety specialists, designers, estimators, or other specialists. At Summit, we have them all under one roof, enabling us to completely guide and manage each project from ground- breaking to ribbon-cutting.


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Whether your project is industrial, institutional, or commercial, Summit Building & Design can help you take it from concept to completion. We take your ideas and shape them into practical, stylish designs. We then build those designs into a finished creation. We keep you, the client, apprised every step of the way, and we welcome and encourage your input.

What do you need to build? If you’ve got questions, or want to discuss a project, contact Summit Building & Design. Email us at info@summitbuildinganddesign.com or call 956-727-6601. You can also visit us in person Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, at 4506 Hwy 359 Laredo, TX 78043. We look forward to working with you!

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