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Being Our Best on Every Job

1 Being Our Best on Every Job

Character. Leadership. Vision. At Summit Building and Design, these aren’t mere buzzwords or catchphrases. Our business was founded on the principles these words represent. That’s why the 2014 book Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders, by veteran executive Steven Shallenberger, resonated so deeply at our company.

We strive to live up to Shallenberger’s 12 Principles with each and every client, on each and every job, and we’re proud to advocate his leadership tenets. At Summit Building and Design, each new project is a chance to learn, a chance to tweak, to rethink and refine—to innovate through imagination. Each new job opens a fresh opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from previous jobs and clients.

If you partner with us for your job, we’ll combine our vision with yours, creating a concise, practical plan for transforming ideas into functional, long-lasting constructions. We manage each client relationship through open-lines of communication, treating you the way we want to be treated when we’re the client. We never stop leading, never stop planning, corroborating, or prioritizing. And we never give up—not until you are 100% satisfied. Our promise and guarantee to you is total transparency; total accountability; total partnership.

A Commitment to Sustainability

2 A Commitment to Sustainability

Summit Building & Design is founded on three generations of commitment to community and family values—hard work, character, virtue, tradition, legacy. We are committed to passing those values to the fourth generation of Summit leadership. To do so, we believe it’s important to leave a green tomorrow for those who inherit the world we leave behind.


We collaborate with every relevant party, on every project, to reduce and minimize our environmental footprint. We use recyclable materials and other green-friendly building supplies wherever possible. And we strive to reduce waste by increasing efficiency and recycling everything we can. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. For the good of our clients, our communities, our families, and for the planet we all share, we build the environmental way.

Unsurpassed Safety

3 Unsurpassed Safety

At Summit Building & Design, our safety record is second-to-none in the construction industry. To date, we’ve had no major safety-related incidents on any project. And we complete all work in strict compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Our in-house Safety Manager is fully accredited in Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) for the Construction Industry, and is certified as a Class D Water Operator. We’re also staffed—top to bottom—with experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed regarding construction safety standards and procedures. Summit personnel know what it takes to finish a project with zero safety-related incidents or violations.

A Vision to Build On

4 A Vision to Build On

At Summit Build & Design, our driving goal is become a regional leader in the construction industry. We are dedicated to pursuing excellence in construction management through strong client relationships. We build those relationships on a foundation of quality, integrity, and trust. No matter the size, scope, or nature of a project, we operate as a partner and a collaborator with each client. We believe in transparency, partnership, and teamwork. We believe excellence can be achieved only through hard work, integrity, transparency, collaboration, and 100% client satisfaction on every project.

Coordinated Know-How

5 Coordinated Know-How

We are a team of professional builders with over 50 years’ collective experience. Our team is comprised of a unique mix of diverse backgrounds. They contribute a range of talents, professional experiences, innovative perspectives, and creative insights to every project.

We treat each client like an extension of our team—of our family—and believe that each client’s expectations and contributions are integral to successfully finishing the work.

Balancing and coordinating the various parties and trades involved in major construction can be tricky and time intensive. At Summit, we have the expertise, experience, and professional insight to manage all the various facets of a project. From city officials, to architects and engineers, from developers, to subcontractors, and numerous others, we know who to contract and who to contact at every stage of work.

Texas Expertise

6 Texas Expertise

At Summit Building & Design, we are Texas born and true, but we have the reach and flexibility to work beyond the Lone Star State. We have offices in Laredo, Odessa, Waxahachie, Houston, San Antonio, Beeville, Mission Rio, Edinburgh, and Raceland, Louisiana. We are experts in architecture and civil engineering, and provide with all-in-one, turnkey solutions for our clients, transforming ideas into real-world constructions of style and functionality. And we guarantee we’ll get the job done on budget and on time.

Precision in Building & Design

7 Precision in Building & Design

We understand and know how to navigate construction projects. From launch to final inspection, we know what it takes to finish the work on time, on budget, and with 100% client satisfaction. We’re experts in regulatory and oversight requirements, too, and can effectively manage every aspect of the job. We create precise, detailed estimates and budgets, triple checking each detail for accuracy and efficiency. We strive for accurate takeoffs, contracting, purchasing, and invoicing, and for zero change orders on every project. We deliver second-to-none workmanship, performance, and value, always remaining on schedule, and getting the job right the first time, every time.

Unwavering Traditions

8 Unwavering Traditions

Summit Building & Design was founded in 1942. The company spent its first 69 years as the in-house construction division of Arguindegui Oil Company (AOC). During those first, almost-seven decades in operation, the company worked exclusively on AOC construction projects: Bulk Plants; “Mom & Pop” Gas Stations and other fueling facilities; Terminals & Warehouses; Travel Centers; Convenience Stores. Today, Summit remains a proud member of the Arguindegui Family:

  • AOC Management
  • Arguindegui Oil Company II
  • AOC Fleet & Fueling
  • AOC Real-Estate Development
  • Summit Building & Design

The company’s second generation of leadership took over in the 1970s. This is when management began diversifying Summit’s business interests. We have since expanded into retail development, real estate acquisition, and construction, and have founded a land development division.

In 2004, Summit’s third generation of leadership took over. This is when management began realizing the value of growing Summit beyond AOC to work on private and public projects, too.

Summit Building & Design is founded on traditions of family and collaboration. We are unwavering in our commitment to quality, reliability, and professionalism. That commitment is 75 years strong and still shaping everything we do. No matter the size or scope of your job, we’ll work with you as a partner, keeping you updated and informed every step of the way, and always valuing your input.

Summit’s robust bonding capacity enables us bid on many major project types:

  • Schools
  • City halls
  • Court houses
  • Fire stations
  • Office complexes
  • Retail centers
  • Retail fueling facilities
  • Car washes

We Are Summit Building & Design: Built on three generations of know-how
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